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Everything was going according to plan.

Tekisha “Kysha” Collins was living the good life. She was a hardworking, dedicated wife and mother who enjoyed the security of working in corporate America – that is, until that dreadful day she was laid off after 7 ½ years. That’s when the uncertainty showed up. Tekisha wondered how she would continue to help her husband provide for their family. She then put on her thinking cap and with the help of her 2 ½ year old son, the SMOOGY was born.

Her story is not unlike that of many other Americans who have been thrust into the world of entrepreneurship. The Collins family began to make SMOOGY orders for all of their family and friends. The response was great, but the struggle to build and grow a business was a lot harder than they originally expected it to be. Soon, what was once only a delicious treat she made for family and friends would be the answer to her prayers.

It wasn’t long before opportunity knocked and she opened the door, allowing the chance of a lifetime to enter. Thanks to the power of social media, a friend passed along the exciting news that a new show was preparing to hit the airwaves and the casting call was just days away. Tekisha knew she had to step out on faith and take a chance and she was cast for Lifetime’s Supermarket Superstar!

Tekisha Collins has become another example of faith in action – this resilient wife and mom of two had the chance of a lifetime ON Lifetime! The SMOOGY has traveled from Indianapolis to Los Angeles and who knows, if all goes as planned, the SMOOGY could be traveling to your area very soon. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned…


Thanks to Smoogy, I’ve gotten a new addiction!
MichaelIndianapolis, IN
Smoogy is the new big thing, these cookies are dangerous!!!! Oh MY How Great!!!!!
I had no idea what a SMOOGY was but now I can tell the world!
AshleyIndianapolis, IN